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2009-01-18 18:38:13 by eliashellfire

Well I'm a bit scared to upload my music right now because of all my mastering issues...
I work mostly with Metal and Techno. Weird combination? Maybe... I want to combine the two into something amazing with my next project I'm working on.

Something to put here...
My gear?

Guitars: Ibanez RGR320EX, IbanezGSR200, Yamaha EG112 (Costco ftw?), Santa Cruz Acoustic

Amplifiers: Yorkville XM-200 (200 watts), Randall RB30XM

Pedals: Zoom 606, Zoom G2.1u

Programs: FL Studio 7, Adobe Audition 3.0


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2009-01-18 18:48:17

Yo, good to have another guitarist around here.... I see you can talk gear anyway :)

eliashellfire responds:

Haha props dude. Yeah I could talk gear all day xD


2009-01-18 23:02:44

techno and metal ftw.

upload some audio, dude. lol

eliashellfire responds:

i uploaded a techno song hours ago.
but newgrounds wants to be an asshole and 'approve it first' cause it's my first submission.