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2009-04-21 20:21:10 by eliashellfire

Alot of projects on the way. They'll come out at the same time.

First is a melodic death metal song called... something... That I made a long time ago but I abandoned because I couldn't figure out how to fix the mastering/mixing problems, but now that I've become more experienced, I've returned to it and figured out how to fix it. So that should be coming out.

Another is a full acoustic and strings song I wrote for a certain somebody... I had my best friend help for the vocals by singing the harmonies and backing vocals. It's actually not bad but I have alot of re-recording to do and final mixing/mastering to do before I'll be content with it enough to release it.

What I'm working on at the moment is another death grindcore song which is loaded with epic breakdowns and sweet guitar riffs. Leaning towards more of a Parkway Drive sound. That should turn out pretty good.

Aaaaand I'm also working on a NEW version of Into the Sun, as my friend who I had originally made it for required it to be longer for her updated circus act. So I've changed alot of things with it, including changing the hi-hat beat and pumping the bass on the kick.

BUT it will be awhile before any of these come out. My IB exams will be done by May 19th, so after then I will have as much time as I need to get these projects complete and out.



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