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Entry #5


2009-06-13 10:57:16 by eliashellfire

It's kinda sad how much difference the Vengeance Packs and new VSTs like Vanguard, Nexus, sylenth1, and z3ta can make to my music...

New tracks up very shortly...


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2009-07-14 02:49:26

I dunno what your talking about but fo' sho!

eliashellfire responds:

lol cheaaa


2009-11-14 14:07:32

haha, i just noticed that last night. I finally got some of those VST demos (BioHazard, Sawer, Poizone) to be compatible with Magix. I used them, made a song (Lost Entity (Dance Remix)), and compared to my other songs that song sounds soooo much more realistic. I totally agree with you.

eliashellfire responds:

lol yeah. i didnt want to download them at first cause everyone on NG uses them. you basically hear the vocals from the VEC packs everywhere. it's pretty annoying...

but the pre-mastered samples made it so much easier to mix and master songs lol


2010-06-13 23:35:03

Youre not dreamscaper... I thought that after a while he made a new account to get around the fact that he foolishly uploaded some stolen tracks in an attempt to catch a theif, but then, now, why do use a name so similar to that of a great artist who slipped and now is banned?