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2009-06-13 10:57:16 by eliashellfire

It's kinda sad how much difference the Vengeance Packs and new VSTs like Vanguard, Nexus, sylenth1, and z3ta can make to my music...

New tracks up very shortly...


2009-04-21 20:21:10 by eliashellfire

Alot of projects on the way. They'll come out at the same time.

First is a melodic death metal song called... something... That I made a long time ago but I abandoned because I couldn't figure out how to fix the mastering/mixing problems, but now that I've become more experienced, I've returned to it and figured out how to fix it. So that should be coming out.

Another is a full acoustic and strings song I wrote for a certain somebody... I had my best friend help for the vocals by singing the harmonies and backing vocals. It's actually not bad but I have alot of re-recording to do and final mixing/mastering to do before I'll be content with it enough to release it.

What I'm working on at the moment is another death grindcore song which is loaded with epic breakdowns and sweet guitar riffs. Leaning towards more of a Parkway Drive sound. That should turn out pretty good.

Aaaaand I'm also working on a NEW version of Into the Sun, as my friend who I had originally made it for required it to be longer for her updated circus act. So I've changed alot of things with it, including changing the hi-hat beat and pumping the bass on the kick.

BUT it will be awhile before any of these come out. My IB exams will be done by May 19th, so after then I will have as much time as I need to get these projects complete and out.



2009-03-03 19:05:42 by eliashellfire

K I DEFINITELY fail at getting tracks done and out.

I feel bad cause I always ask my old vocalist (who is seriously fucking amazing) to do vocals for tracks that I make, but neeeeever get them to him. I asked him to do vocals for a Laid to Rest (Lamb of God) cover I was doing up a month ago and never sent him shit.

Sooo... I'm STILL working on that techno/metal song, which now has a name, Don't Look Back. I have some trippy slicer vocals in there that are lame as hell... It should be... almost done? I'm just finishing up the mastering and other things to make it as tip top as possible.

Then there's the.... hip hop track.... 'shudder'... that I've been working on also. I have NO experience with this genre, as I hate most rap and never listen to any of it. That should probably come up very soon, once I'm sure I can't do anything else to it anymore.

True life story. xD


2009-02-02 11:04:41 by eliashellfire

I guess I'm supposed to update this from time to time.

I've been working on a whole shitload of projects, but unfortunately I keep abandoning them for new ones. But right now I think I'll keep going with this project. It's a techno/metal-ish song. Full of synth and guitar solos. I'm actually pretty happy with it so far, so we'll see how it goes.


2009-01-18 18:38:13 by eliashellfire

Well I'm a bit scared to upload my music right now because of all my mastering issues...
I work mostly with Metal and Techno. Weird combination? Maybe... I want to combine the two into something amazing with my next project I'm working on.

Something to put here...
My gear?

Guitars: Ibanez RGR320EX, IbanezGSR200, Yamaha EG112 (Costco ftw?), Santa Cruz Acoustic

Amplifiers: Yorkville XM-200 (200 watts), Randall RB30XM

Pedals: Zoom 606, Zoom G2.1u

Programs: FL Studio 7, Adobe Audition 3.0